30min Session


  • Recommended for individuals that prefer a limited area of treatment.
  • Recommened areas of focus:
  •  Back, Shoulders and Neck
  • Posterior Legs and Glutes
  • Anterior Legs and Hip flexors
  • Arms, Chest, Shoulders and Neck

60min Session


  • Recommended for individuals who train regularly or experience chronic pain.
  • Recommended areas of focus:
  • Posterior Chain of the body
  • Anterior Chain of the body
  • Anterior and Posterior Legs
  • Anterior and Posterior Torso and Arms

90min Session


  • Recommended for individuals needing a full body treatment.
  • The whole body is covered, focusing on the areas that need the most attention:
  • All Muscular Chains of the Body

Espoo, Vantaa, Helsinki

Additional fees may be applied when ordering a service to your desired location. These include:

- Parking fees, if parking is not provided

- Entry fees, if payment is required to acces a venue or event

- Gas fees, if services are required outside of above mentioned service area

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